Montepulciano watercolor details

© Sophia Khan

These are details of a watercolor on Montepulciano. The graphite version can be found under "Architectural Analysis."



Dilworth Church

© Sophia Khan

Front elevation and door detail.
This started as a line drawing and then shadows appeared.
The church bells rang at 1:00 and 1:30.


fallen leaf

© Sophia Khan

In this study, I wanted to break away from the typical autumnal color scheme
to convey a sense of life and movement.


Latta Arcade from Brevard Court

© Sophia Khan

This sketch was done very quickly, but I believe is still successful in communicating 
what I like about this space.


yellow rose studies

© Sophia Khan
These are inspired by a Jean Haines tutorial on painting roses in a loose style.  
The one on the right is looser and with additional colors added.
These are studies of a dry rose, although I do not think they convey that.


unfinished sketch of First Baptist Church

© Sophia Khan

This is a sketch I started in downtown Durham but, due to the unbearable heat that day, 
I could not finish.  I was interested in capturing the play of shadows.


sassi, matera

© Sophia Khan

I wanted to start off with two of my earliest watercolors.
These are of a place distant, yet near and dear and were done in 1998.
They are interpretive, as I strive to be.